The magic numbers - this is a song - Prime Numbers Magic Squares

Magic number to eliminate:
2. Diamondbacks (Eliminated)
3. Rockies (Eliminated)
4. Padres (Eliminated)
5. Giants (Eliminated)

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If you don’t have an employer pension, you’ll need to be a millionaire to afford it. Assuming you get $30,000 a year from CPP and OAS, you’ll need retirement savings that can provide you with an additional $70,000 a year, which means a $-million nest egg. If that sounds outrageously high, welcome to the club. Schlenker says that when he does similar calculations for his clients, invariably they’re “just shocked.”

The Magic Numbers - This Is A SongThe Magic Numbers - This Is A SongThe Magic Numbers - This Is A SongThe Magic Numbers - This Is A Song